HELLO This is a javascript experiment by @vivirenremoto, the idea is to show my resume as a videogame.

You can move Mario to the left or to the right using the keyboard on desktop and arrow buttons on mobile.

- JavaScript

- Chrome extensions

- WordPress plugins

- APIs

EXPERIENCE - isocialweb

- prensarank

- internet rep├║blica

- sindelantal

- nvivo.es

PORTFOLIO - Perfect Setup

- Affinder

- WordPress Plugins

- Betabeers

- More projects

- Symfony Madrid

- Ono Meeting Point

- NSCoder Madrid
STUDIES - Imagina Formaci├│n

- Tetuan Valley

- FP DAI, IES Montilivi
CONTACT - hola@miquelcamps.es
- Twitter
- Linkedin
- Blog

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share it to help me look for work, thank you!
mario bros